TridentCare Named Preferred Mobile X-Ray Provider for American TelePhysicians

TridentCare & American TelePhysicians

TridentCare, the national leader of portable diagnostic services, announces its new partnership with American TelePhysicians to provide mobile X-ray and ultrasound services throughout the United States.

"We are thrilled to partner with American TelePhysicians to provide mobile X-ray and ultrasound services for their patients. As the healthcare delivery model continues to evolve, TridentCare is able to partner with innovative organizations like American TelePhysicians to provide digital grade diagnostic tools to support their providers in closing gaps in care, lowering healthcare costs and improving healthcare outcomes," according to David Velez, Chief Executive Officer of TridentCare."

American TelePhysicians is a global, physician-led telemedicine company transforming healthcare with innovative telemedicine platforms, including a direct-to-patient medical services platform, CURA4U. "The fundamental goals of each of our organizations are well aligned," notes Sherri Johnson, SVP, Business Development, American TelePhysicians. "We believe that patients should have access to high-quality healthcare no matter where they call home. Working together with TridentCare, we can expand patients' access to diagnostic imaging services. Ultimately, this leads to patients getting a more accurate and timely diagnosis, as well as the specialized care they require."

Dr. Waqas Ahmed, Founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians, agrees, "Today marks another great day for our continued mission of improving access to healthcare and, with TridentCare, we look forward to bringing another quality healthcare service to patients' doorsteps."

About TridentCare 

Based in Sparks, Maryland, TridentCare is the largest provider of portable diagnostic services in the country, operating in 38 states, servicing a wide variety of patients and clients. Each day, the company deploys experienced medical professionals and leading-edge technology to provide phlebotomy, laboratory, vascular and imaging services to tens of thousands of patients nationwide. For more information about TridentCare, please visit, and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About American TelePhysicians

American TelePhysicians is a Jacksonville-based digital healthcare company founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under the leadership of Waqas Ahmed, M.D. FACP. With operations in the U.S., Asia, and Australia, our vision is to transform the global healthcare industry by creating awareness of healthcare options and making healthcare affordable and accessible to patients everywhere. American TelePhysicians is doing this through its various projects, including CURA4USmartClinix, and, most recently, NeuroX.



Deborah Shelton

Director, Marketing Services


American TelePhysicians

Sherri Johnson

SVP, Business Development


Source: TridentCare