TridentCare Launches Nationwide Infection Prevention and Control Services


TridentCare, a mobile clinical services solutions company serving multiple healthcare and commercial markets, announces nationwide Infection Prevention and Control services to complement its existing COVID-19 testing program. The company’s newest services leverage its existing mobility systems and structure to scale quickly and its nationwide network of laboratories enables TridentCare to deliver faster result turnaround.

“Our name, TridentCare, reflects our unwavering commitment to providing access to high-quality health care services seven days a week in an effort to protect patients, clinicians, teachers, students, workers, sports teams and first responders regardless of where they live or work,” said David Velez, Chief Executive Officer of TridentCare. “As a company with deep expertise and a national footprint, we have the ability to scale for both infection detection and prevention. We offer the testing services needed most, backed by quality, superior management, and know-how.”  

TridentCare[1] delivers diagnostics, radiology, and other clinical services in skilled nursing, educational, office, sports, industrial and in-home environments across the U.S. seven days a week. The company will continue its vigilance in its response to COVID-19 while providing critical medical services to patients nationwide.

About TridentCare 

Based in Sparks, Maryland, TridentCare provides a total clinical services solution serving the post-acute and non-acute care market, delivering diagnostic services as well as infection prevention and control services at our customers’ locations. Each day, the company deploys experienced medical professionals and leading-edge technology to provide phlebotomy, laboratory, vascular, imaging, and nurse practitioner services to tens of thousands of patients nationwide. With its streamlined digital ordering, delivery, and tracking system TridentConnect, accessing information is easier than ever. For more information about TridentCare, please visit and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Media Contact: Deborah Shelton
​Phone: 443-662-4101, ext. 76057

[1] TridentCare is comprised of several affiliated and related companies, including Symphony Diagnostic Services No.1, LLC f/k/a MobilexUSA, Kan-Di-Ki, LLC f/k/a Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology, New Schryver, LLC, TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services, LLC, and U.S. Lab & Radiology, LLC.

Source: TridentCare