TridentCare Announces National Partnership for Mobile EKG Solution

EKG Patch Solution

TridentCare, the largest portable diagnostic company in the United States serving multiple healthcare and commercial markets, announces an exclusive relationship with MG Medical Products to offer The EKG Patch Solution to its skilled nursing and long-term care facility patients.

The EKG Patch Solution is an innovative and patented FDA cleared medical device that allows 12-lead EKGs to be easily acquired. The MG Medical Products EKG Patch Solution will empower facilities to better triage cardiac events, provide improved patient care, and impact their quality ratings by being able to perform necessary EKGs accurately and rapidly. Historically, many facilities were challenged with having adequate resources that could quickly acquire an EKG within the facility. Now, almost anyone can acquire a diagnostic quality 12-lead EKG in minutes with the EKG Patch Solution. 

 "We are thrilled to be working with MG Medical Products to provide this potentially lifesaving and cost-effective option to our clients and their patients. In partnering with MG Medical Products, this innovative solution, exclusively offered through TridentCare, will significantly reduce the amount of time to diagnose life-threatening cardiac events for the patients our customers serve," said Jeff Hooper, President and General Manager of  TridentCare, East. 

"TridentCare has a reputation of industry excellence and innovation, and their commitment to this partnership is continued evidence," said Jeff McGrath, President/CEO of MG Medical Products. "Together, we will provide a solution that helps facilities improve patient care by giving them access to rapid and accurate EKGs. Along with TridentCare, we are in a position to do that on a national level. Being able to acquire a 12-lead EKG with minimal technical skill needed with a preliminary interpretation within minutes rather than hours is a game-changer for facilities and their patients."

About TridentCare

Based in Sparks, Maryland, TridentCare provides a total clinical services solution that serves the post-acute and non-acute care market by delivering diagnostic services at our patient's bedside and our customers' locations. Each day the company deploys experienced medical professionals and leading-edge technology to provide imaging, phlebotomy, laboratory, vascular and nurse practitioner services to tens of thousands of patients nationwide. TridentCare offers mobile, onsite sample collection for COVID-19 testing; laboratory and infection control services; digital imaging; vascular services  and nurse practitioner services available in person or through telehealth and at-home services, all under one national umbrella.

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About MG Medical Products

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, MG Medical Products is a privately held company dedicated to the transformation of the 12-lead EKG procedure. The patented, FDA-cleared EKG PatchSolution helps provide diagnostic 12-lead EKG tracings in minutes anywhere, anytime. 

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