The Players' Impact Launches Business Platform for Athlete Members

Online Locker Room highlights a new slate of expanded athlete membership features

The Players’ Impact (TPI), a group that connects professional athletes to the startup ecosystem, is excited to announce the launch of Global Locker Room – a dynamic new digital platform for athlete investors and entrepreneurs.

The Global Locker Room is an exclusive, logged-in experience for business-minded pro athletes (active, retired, and Olympian) within the TPI community seeking to achieve business success, preserve and build wealth, and leave a legacy beyond their sports career. TPI is led by early-stage growth/venture investment expert Tracy Deforge and former NFL wide receiver Marques Colston, with the express purpose of connecting their members with the support, resources and leadership needed to help their business endeavors thrive.

“We wanted to create an online business environment that resembled the like-minded environment of a sports locker room experience – where athletes can communicate, strategize and prepare,” said Marques Colston, Partner, Managing Director of The Players’ Impact. “Personally, I could have benefited from having a trusted destination to learn, build a network and properly prepare to launch my business career when I was still playing. The Players Impact and its Global Locker Room will be a huge advantage to athletes looking to build on their career earnings.”

TPI is a peer-led group dedicated to connecting elite athletes to a startup ecosystem by educating, coaching and reporting on early-stage investments and business ventures. The fundamental mission of TPI is to assist athletes with preserving and building wealth by connecting them to elite investment opportunities and a world-class resource network. TPI works to provide athletes a method that allows members to back top investment opportunities together, instead of each investing in more arbitrary ventures alone.

The members’ online portal is the first of many expanded membership features for TPI athlete investors and entrepreneurs. Other expanded membership features will include increased access to higher-level investments, a minimum of 20 per year, access to elite networking events and opportunities, access to business coaching and advisers, curated educational resources and more.


Founded in 2017 by Jason Lavender and Tracy Deforge, The Players’ Impact (TPI) is an organization built for entrepreneurial-minded athletes. Comprised of more than 190 professional athlete-members, TPI offers a foundation of support in the form of connections with industry experts, early-stage business resources, investment opportunities and more. To these core resources, TPI strives to connect every athlete entrepreneur and investor. The primary goal of TPI is to build and sustain the wealth and success of each and every one of their athlete-members in a targeted, cooperative way with a peer-to-peer, experiential learning approach.

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Source: The Players' Impact