NWA Marketing Professionals Partner With Villy Customs for Special Holiday Promotion

Derek and Valerie Champagne, Founders of The Artist Evolution, Will Offer Free Cruiser Bike With Each Purchase of Marketing Course

The Champagne Marketing Course, created by Derek and Valerie Champagne, successful marketing professionals based in Fayetteville, Ark., has partnered with Villy Customs, winner of the popular television series, Shark Tank, to offer free cruiser bikes with each purchase of the course.

Course participants have the opportunity to learn the step-by-step process of building a brand or marketing campaign while also receiving a free bike, crafted by Villy Customs, in time for the holiday season. The special offer expires on December 8.

Villy Customs, and creator Fleetwood Hicks, were featured on Shark Tank and, subsequently, entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested in the company. Villy Customs crafts deluxe, vibrant cruiser bikes in a variety of designs with mastery and simplicity.  

The Champagnes founded the successful agency, The Artist Evolution, which has achieved national recognition, and together have decades of valuable marketing industry experience. The Champagne Marketing Course teaches users valuable skills for creating a successful marketing operation.

The Champagne Marketing Course was created to teach participants how to build a unique brand, identify targets, research competition and build step-by-step action plans that achieve results. The course effectively helps everyone, from small business owners to students and marketing professionals, with marketing concepts and practical tools for effectual brand development. Students who complete the program receive a course certificate.

Valerie is the director of research and development at The Artist Evolution and possesses more than a decade of agency experience. Derek is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and podcast host. His book, Don't Buy a Duck: Stop Wasting Money & Only Do Marketing That Works, became an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

The Artist Evolution is a marketing agency which focuses on a comprehensive approach to developing all aspects of a brand. The group specializes in the creative development, brand advancement and execution of marketing campaigns. The Champagnes have led The Artist Evolution to work with local, regional and national brands in an array of fields and industries; from small local businesses to publicly-traded brands.

For more information on the Champagne Marketing Course, visit: https://champagnemarketingcourses.com/villycustoms


Valerie Champagne, Director of Research & Development at The Artist Evolution, a full-service marketing agency, earned a BA in psychology and has created effective marketing campaigns for more than a decade. Valerie has developed an effective system for creating memorable brands, researching the competition, identifying target customers, developing unique messaging and creating go-to-market campaigns.

Derek Champagne, Founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience developing successful marketing campaigns. Derek is effective at building memorable brands, marketing tools and campaigns; for startups to household brands. Derek is the author of the best-selling marketing book: Don't Buy a Duck and the host of the Business Leadership Series podcast.

Learn more at: www.theartistevolution.com

Source: The Artist Evolution