NWA Heating and Air Company Offers Special to Cover Yearlong Maintenance

AirTech Heating and Air Conditioning Offers Yearlong Maintenance In One Simple Package

AirTech Heating and Air Conditioning (AirTech), Northwest Arkansas’ prime choice for heating and air conditioning services, now offers residents a service agreement option, which saves money and ensures year-long coverage. 

Preventative care is essential for a long-lasting, efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. An AirTech service agreement guarantees HVAC units are maintained and in the most efficient condition. 

An AirTech service agreement includes a spring and fall maintenance package. Spring services include: a/c unit cleaning, clean condenser coil, refrigerant level, fan motor condenser, condensate drain clearing, air filter check/change and lube necessary parts. Fall services include: unit cleaning, preparation of furnace, inspection of unit (blower motor, flue inducer motor, safety controls, air filter and humidifier), condensate drain clearing, heat strips check, lube necessary parts and refrigerant level. 

AirTech adapts their services to fit seasonal needs. The benefits of AirTech-maintained units are lower utility bills due to higher efficacy, a 15 percent discount on service parts and vast reduction of unexpected repairs. 

AirTech offers their service agreements for $99 per-year and $50 per-year for each additional unit on the same property. Each service has a $55 value, so service agreement holders are given a $5.5 discount. Another benefit to a service agreement is that agreement holders are not charged for the first half-pound of refrigerant used, which is a $25 value. 

AirTech provides comprehensive HVAC services including: furnace repair, air handlers, a/c repair, duct repair/replacement, air quality solutions, leak detection, refrigerant recharge, thermostat replacement/upgrade and system diagnosis/repair.


AirTech Heating & Air Conditioning provides Northwest Arkansas with complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. AirTech, serving Northwest Arkansas for more than 15 years, is your one-stop shop for every HVAC need. Providing a wide variety of services including: furnace repair, a/c repair, duct work, tune-ups, leak detection and more, AirTech Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered. With more than 70 years of combined HVAC experience, you know you’re in good hands with AirTech

For more info on how AirTech can help you visit: airtechnwa.com