Northwest Arkansas Marketing Agency Helps Dentists Respond to Social Distancing Measures

Promoting Telemedicine in the COVID-19 Era

Northwest Arkansas-based marketing agency The Artist Evolution (TAE) is helping dental practices respond to COVID-19 by providing them with comprehensive marketing solutions that streamline telemedicine services.

Telemedicine—the use of telecommunication to provide clinical health care to patients—has suddenly become a crucial part of health care services in light of the social distancing measures, brought about by COVID-19, but many practitioners have yet to fully utilize their telemedicine options. Now, with many dental practices closed to in-person visits, virtual dental consultations are becoming key to finding new patients.

Many medical and dental practitioners already have the software capability to start using telemedicine; the challenge is often letting patients know about such options. Dentists are experts at providing care to people, but when it comes to finding new patients in the era of social distancing, they could use the help of experienced marketing professionals.

Recognizing this new challenge for dental practices, TAE created comprehensive marketing solutions for dentists seeking to expand telemedicine services. These solutions not only inform a practice’s current patient base about their telemedicine services, they also help inform prospective patients about the services. This means that practices, by utilizing effective marketing strategies, can actually grow their client base during this period of isolation.

TAE is offering two packages that will allow dental practices to expand their client base during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

"This unprecedented pandemic period of social distancing gives us the opportunity to help dental and medical businesses connect with new patients in innovative ways. We have a decade of experience marketing for dental practices, so helping dentists during this time was a natural fit for us," shared Derek Champagne, founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution.  More information about the TeleMedicine Marketing Solution can be found at

As a company that has grown from three employees in 2014 to 30 employees in 2020, TAE has proven to be an innovative leader and has experienced many successes over the past year. TAE is a marketing agency which focuses on taking a comprehensive approach to developing all aspects of a brand. The group specializes in the creative development, brand advancement and execution of marketing campaigns. CEO Derek Champagne has led TAE to work with local, regional and national brands in an array of fields and industries; from small local businesses to publicly-traded brands. The Artist Evolution are experts at developing, executing and managing custom marketing strategies molded around your marketing needs. To learn more, visit

Source: The Artist Evolution