Fayetteville Receives Domino's® 'Paving for Pizza' Grant

Domino’s promised to save carryout pizza, one pothole at a time, and it is doing just that in Fayetteville. Thanks to a number of nominations from its residents, Fayetteville was selected as a “Paving for Pizza” grant recipient.

“Cracks, bumps and potholes can easily ruin a good carryout pizza, and nobody wants that,” said Brent Medders, Fayetteville Domino’s franchise owner. “We’re thrilled that Fayetteville was selected as a grant recipient to help smooth the ride home for our carryout customers.”

Domino’s launched its Paving for Pizza program in June of 2018, asking customers to nominate their town for a grant to repair potholes. Customers submitted so many nominations that Domino’s decided to expand the program to pave one community in each state. Since the program launched, Domino’s has received more than 194,000 unique nominations from 17,198 different zip codes in all 50 states. 

To see a continuously updated list of Paving for Pizza grant recipients, visit pavingforpizza.com.

About Domino’s Pizza®

Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, with a significant business in both delivery and carryout pizza. It ranks among the world’s top public restaurant brands with a global enterprise of more than 16,100 stores in over 85 markets. Its system is comprised of independent franchise owners who accounts for over 98% of Domino’s stores. In the U.S., Domino’s generates over 65% of sales via digital channels and has produced several innovative ordering platforms, including Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Twitter and text message using a pizza emoji. In late 2017, Domino’s began an industry-first test of self-driving vehicle delivery with Ford Motor Company – and in April 2018, launched Domino’s HotSpots™, featuring over 200,000 non-traditional delivery locations including parks, beaches, local landmarks and other unique gathering spots.

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Source: Domino's Pizza