Dave Sanderson Refocuses to Support Those With Personal Leadership Development Goals

Dave Sanderson, Survivor Of "The Miracle on the Hudson," Refocuses With Objective To Lend Support To Leadership Development Goals

Dave Sanderson, a survivor of the notorious flight which crashed into the Hudson River known as “The Miracle on the Hudson” and dramatized in the film Sully, has refocused his message to support individuals through personal leadership development goals though a new book, online course and more.

Since the life-changing plane crash, Sanderson has raised millions of dollars as a spokesperson for the American Red Cross and has traveled around the world delivering motivational messages and encouraging others to be great leaders and neighbors in their communities. Through these experiences, he noticed a need that people had for further support through personal leadership development and has chosen to dedicate his energy toward that mission and will soon launch an online leadership course.

“After speaking with thousands of people and receiving feedback, one common theme about my mission kept resonating; when facing a challenging time or what I call your ‘personal plane crash,’ personal leadership is at the core of it all,” Sanderson said. “My new talk radio show, podcast, personal development course, book and daily briefing on Alexa will focus on discussing and sharing strategies that I learned from leaders across the globe.”

Sanderson will be unveiling new personal developmental opportunities, this year, including a personal leadership course and further support services. Sanderson offers many personal leadership support services to fully assist clients and to provide convenient, helpful options that promote engagement. Services offered include leadership presentations, the Moments Matter radio show and podcast, Dave Sanderson: Declassified (an Alexa Daily Flash Briefing providing support via brief leadership anecdotes), Iron Sharpens Iron with Aaron Walker (a leadership community which meets weekly via video conference), The Leadership Mindset Series (a workshop program led by successful business leaders), The Hero Club (an exclusive community for CEOs and business founders which provides resources, relationships and educational opportunities) and more.

Sanderson has delivered leadership presentations to many companies and organizations including AARP, Boys Scouts of America, American Red Cross, BP, Delta Airlines, Exxonmobil, Toyota and many more.

Sanderson is passionate about motivating people to strive to be their best, delivering  rousing presentations to audiences across North America and Europe. His formula for success incorporates speaking truth and living his values and his message is simple: lead with grace and conviction and always remember that moments matter.

To learn more about Sanderson’s message and how he can help those struggling with leadership development objectives, visit: davesandersonspeaks.com.

​About Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson is an inspirational speaker and author who taps into his life-changing experience onboard US Airways Flight 1549 to provide insight on the important facets of life and leadership. Following this experience, Sanderson traveled around the world to share his inspirational and motivational leadership message. He has spoken with groups including Exxonmobil, Toyota, AARP, American Red Cross and more. He provides personal leadership support services including: workshops, support communities, a leadership radio show and podcast, leadership presentations, an Alexa Daily Flash Briefing and more. Sanderson is passionate about encouraging others to be great leaders and neighbors in their communities, through both good times and difficulties.

For more information, visit: davesandersonspeaks.com

Source: Dave Sanderson