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Dave Sanderson, Leadership Advisor and Survivor of "The Miracle on the Hudson," Was Named to Top Leadership Speakers for 2018 List

Dave Sanderson, a survivor of the notorious flight which crashed into the Hudson River, known as “The Miracle on the Hudson” and dramatized in the film Sully, was named to the “Top Leadership Speakers for 2018” list by Inc.com. Inc.com is the online affiliate of Inc. Magazine which has been a leading publication for entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 30 years.

“I'm in a fairly unique position to curate this list of leadership speakers,” Kevin Kruse, creator of the list, said. “I've interviewed over 180 authors and consultants for my LEADx Leadership podcast in the last year alone, read their books or articles, and watched dozens of them present in person as I've traveled the country doing my own keynotes on wholehearted leadership and employee engagement.”

“My selection criteria include the uniqueness of their ideas, and their ability to present their ideas in a compelling manner,” Kruse said.

Since the life-changing plane crash, Sanderson has raised millions of dollars as a spokesperson for the American Red Cross and has traveled around the world delivering motivational messages and encouraging others to be great leaders and neighbors in their communities. Sanderson has delivered rousing leadership presentations to many companies and organizations including: AARP, Boy Scouts of America, American Red Cross, BP, Delta Airlines, Exxonmobil, Toyota and many more. His formula for success is simple: lead with grace, conviction and always remember that moments matter.

“I am truly honored and humbled to be included on this list of outstanding leadership speakers,” Sanderson said. “Being able to share lessons and strategies I learned and have employed is a privilege I do not take lightly. Cultivating personal leadership is something I am passionate about as everybody will face their own ‘personal plane crash’ in life and having these skill sets will help you not only survive but grow and thrive.”

​Sanderson’s message focuses especially on personal leadership development and he offers many personal leadership support services including: leadership presentations, the Moments Matter radio show and podcast, Dave Sanderson: Declassified (an Alexa Daily Flash Briefing providing support via brief leadership anecdotes), workshops, several leadership communities and more.

For further detail or to read the full list, visit: www.inc.com/top-100-speakers.


Dave Sanderson is an inspirational speaker and author who taps into a life-changing experience onboard US Airways Flight 1549 to provide insight on the important facets of life and leadership. Following this experience, Sanderson traveled around the world to share his inspirational and motivational leadership message. He has spoken with groups including: Exxonmobil, Toyota, AARP, American Red Cross and more. He provides personal leadership support services including: workshops, support communities, a leadership radio show and podcast, leadership presentations, an Alexa Daily Flash Briefing and more. Sanderson is passionate about encouraging others to be great leaders and neighbors in their communities, through both good times and difficulties.

To learn more about Sanderson’s message and how he can help those struggling with leadership development objectives, visit: davesandersonspeaks.com.

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