Datakwip and Akular Fuse Energy Analytics and Digital Twin Technology to Maximize Building Performance

Datakwip & Akular

Today Datakwip announced they have formed a strategic partnership with Akular, a company that provides real-time digital twin data visualization of assets like buildings.

"I am happy that Akular Technology and Datakwip have joined forces to provide the best solutions for our customers in the construction and operations industries," says Martin Rapos, CEO of Akular. "With our innovative technology, we are able to track live data on the digital twin of a building, enabling our customers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more effective and cost-saving operations. This is a great step forward for our company and our customers."

While the Datakwip platform integrates with a building's current automation systems to recognize unique opportunities for improvement, Akular creates a digital copy of an asset that can be accessed through a three-dimensional dashboard, augmented reality, or virtual reality. 

"This partnership will provide developers, owners, and operators with actionable clarity around energy consumption," says Datakwip President and CEO Cory Perdue. "Clients will be able to see exactly how and where their energy is being used within a building, which makes recognizing opportunities for positive change easier than ever."

Together, Datakwip and Akular's services will provide clients with real-time energy metrics in a manner the industry has yet to see. Heat maps, high-fidelity airflow modeling, and occupancy behavioral model metrics are all consolidated into one single source of truth that live-streams all IoT and BMS data. 

"This partnership will allow clients to perform a digital walkthrough of their physical space," Akular remarks. "Once the digital twin is created, Datakwip and Akular can then mirror the operational modes of the client facility. These include common modes based on season and occupancy-based situations, while also being able to simulate more complex situations like events."

Custom dashboards give users the ability to configure their analytics and alerts based on their unique needs. Applications extend outside of energy efficiency and provide valuable metrics like indoor air quality and financial performance data for the clients.

"We plan to roll out collaborative services between Datakwip and Akular in a simple per-square-foot pricing model," explains Perdue. "As this will allow for a market adoption of real-time digital twins of assets at a speed previously not thought possible."

The services created by this partnership are an ideal fit for those who are looking for simple, turnkey solutions to optimize their future energy practices for financial and environmental purposes.

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About Akular
Akular aims to help businesses achieve environmental sustainability by digitizing their built world, giving them the tools they need to monitor, benchmark, and improve their building's performance.

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