Christian Apparel Company Partners With World Vision for Disaster Relief

Kerusso® donates thousands of items to victims of Hurricane Dorian.

When Hurricane Dorian unleashed fury on coastal areas in early September, renowned relief organization World Vision mobilized as it has so many times in the past.

A longtime friend quickly did likewise.

Kerusso, a Christian apparel company located in Berryville, Arkansas, packed up four pallets of goods to support World Vision’s efforts. Now, almost 7,000 items are reaching survivors and those who are in the process of rebuilding. 

“Kerusso has been a longtime contributor to our efforts at World Vision. They always respond when we have a need,” says Mike Gillespie, Senior Director of Corporate Engagement at World Vision USA.

Kerusso’s Founder and CEO, Vic Kennett, shares credit for his generosity with the company’s employees.

“When I founded this company in a spare room of my home over 32 years ago, I couldn’t have envisioned where we’d be today. God is so good, and we are blessed to be able to respond when a need like this arises. Members of Team Kerusso are genuinely enthusiastic, working like mad to see people get what they need.”

Dorian devastated the Bahamas for two days before threatening Florida and doing extensive damage in the Carolinas. Kennett also noted the irony of the locations.

“We have Kerusso people in some of those areas, so this storm really hit home for real. We are grateful to be able to help in the way we have. Our people pull together every day, and I am humbled to be able to come alongside World Vision to help meet this need.”

As has become a tradition at Kerusso, employees packing up the items gathered around to pray over it all before sending the shipment out for pickup. 


Kerusso is a Christian apparel company based in Berryville, Arkansas, which employs more than 100 people and is among the top employers in the area. The company was established by founder Vic Kennett with a small family loan in 1987, and has expanded to become the leading nationwide supplier of Christian T-shirts. Kerusso operates with the mission to Proclaim the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. The Greek word ‘kerusso’ means “to herald or proclaim.” For more than 30 years, Kerusso has proclaimed the message of Jesus Christ through Christian apparel, accessories, and gifts.

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