Christian Apparel Company Enhances Marketing Operation, Promotes Marketing Director to VP

Kerusso promotes Marketing Director, Nik Kennett, and refocuses marketing strategy.

Kerusso, a Christian apparel company located in Berryville, Arkansas, promoted Nik Kennett, former Marketing Director, to Vice President of Marketing as part of an effort to refocus their marketing strategy to prepare for developmental opportunities and scheduled growth.

Kerusso is reshaping the company’s marketing strategy, with a fresh focus on growth. The promotion of Kennett is announced parallel to the hiring of Chris Rainey, a proven marketing professional, as Marketing Director.

“We are in a really interesting time in history- guys like Gary Vaynerchuk are comparing the present to the next industrial revolution, saying the companies who aren’t innovating and pivoting are not going to be around a decade from now,” Kennett said referring to the successful entrepreneur who regularly promotes the importance of marketing. “We recognize that if we’re not trying to put ourselves out of business, someone else will, so we are investing heavily in our marketing team and marketing strategy.”

Kennett strives to steer marketing efforts toward the cusp of innovation and to utilize digital and modern platforms to the benefit of the company.

“I work with some world class people. That team and I have had a fantastic couple of years, through hard work and most importantly, God’s grace. There is so much more to be done, and I am excited about that. This is one of the most exciting times to be in business and I am just really humbled and grateful for us to be where we are.”

The smalltown-enterprise-with-a-global-reach seeks to strategize procedures to benefit each segment of the Kerusso business to enhance the comprehensive operation.

“In this role, I am going to be able to spend greater time in strategy and making sure all three of our customer segments are very taken care of,” Kennett said. “I can focus on the end user of our products, the retailers that sell our products, and Christian ministries and not for profits. In all those relationships, our number one priority is to “Proclaim the Good News to the World”, whether that’s through products or through serving those likeminded ministries in all the ways we do. We get pretty excited about that mission around here.”

Kerusso is a leading Christian apparel company which provides retailers with t-shirts, hats, hoodies, jewelry, toys, gifts, accessories and more to help spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Kerusso is proud of the work Kennett has done with the company and looks forward to continued collaboration.

Kerusso is a Christian apparel company, based in Berryville, Arkansas, which employs more than 100 people and is among the top employers in the area. The company was established with a small, family loan in 1987 and has expanded into a leading supplier of Christian t-shirts and apparel, nationwide. Kerusso operates with the mission to proclaim the word of God through products about Jesus Christ and the Christian message. The Greek word kerusso means "to herald or proclaim.” For more than 30 years, Kerusso has proclaimed the message of Jesus Christ through Christian t-shirts, apparel and more.

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