Christian Apparel Company Climbs Gift Beat Sales Chart

Kerusso® Moves Up Prestigious Top-Sellers List

Kerusso®, the world’s largest Christian Apparel Company, continues its climb on sales charts as recognized by Gift Beat, the industry publication that tracks sales in the gift industry.

Last year, Kerusso made a giant leap from honorable mention the year before to a ranking of no. 8 in the “T-SHIRTS” category. This year, the Arkansas-based company jumped one spot to perch at no. 7. The announcement comes in the May 2019 issue of Gift Beat.

Kerusso’s VP of Marketing, Nik Kennett, is grateful for the increased success, and points to the company’s strong history:

“This recognition reflects Kerusso’s three decades in making quality a top priority, along with our consumer research and commitment to helping retailers do what they do best. The foundation to all this is our Christ-centered messaging that fulfills our mission through eye-catching designs that start conversations.”

Kennett emphasizes that the company is always mindful of the challenges facing retail.

“To make Gift Beat’s list of top selling T-shirt lines for a second consecutive year is a strong indication that our partnering with Brick and Mortar retail drives this success.”

Kerusso’s surge came in an environment in which the publication reported that 32 percent of retailers say their sales are up for t-shirts.

Gift Beat is considered the “Bible” of the gift industry and utilizes its network of 300 reporting stores around the country. Stores complete a monthly questionnaire that asks them to rank their three top-selling items in eight different categories that change each month. These stores are asked to report their top three lines in respective categories.

Each line is assigned a point value (no. 1 ranking: five points; no. 2 ranking: three points; no. 3: one point). Points are then totaled and ranked in descending order.

Kerusso’s “Cherished Girl” line has become an annual sales juggernaut for the company, and new lines such as “Hold Fast” are highly anticipated by retailers.


Kerusso is a Christian Apparel Company based in Berryville, AR, which employs more than 100 people and is among the top employers in the area. The company was established with a small family loan in 1987 and has expanded into a leading supplier of Christian t-shirts and apparel, nationwide. Kerusso operates with the mission to proclaim the word of God through products about Jesus Christ and the Christian message. The Greek word kerusso means “to herald or proclaim.” For more than 30 years, Kerusso has proclaimed the message of Jesus Christ through Christian t-shirts, apparel and more.

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