Central Arkansas Domino's Owner Raises Starting Wage to $13


Brent Medders, Owner of Multiple Central AR Domino's locations, Raises Starting Wage to Set New Precedent in Fast Food Industry

In July, 12 Domino's locations throughout central Arkansas raised their starting wages to 13 dollars an hour, two dollars above the state-mandated minimum wage. Brent Medders, the franchise owner behind these wage increases, hopes the change will set a new precedent in the fast food industry and empower his employees during a turbulent time.   

"It was just the right thing to do," said Medders. "The last year and a half has been especially challenging for everyone, and we heard of the many struggles our people were facing in their lives. We wanted to help make a difference, and raising wages was something we could do to benefit all team members."

In addition to raising starting wages, Medders is also providing his employees with free telemedicine benefits, paid time off for all positions, and a two-dollar-an-hour raise for all existing employees. These changes were implemented in the past month at the following Domino's locations: Arkadelphia, Benton, Bryant, Conway (South Salem Rd. and Old Morrilton), Greenbrier, Heber Springs, Hot Springs (Albert Pike and Grand Ave.), Jacksonville, Little Rock (Stagecoach Rd.), and Maumelle.

To apply at one of these locations or to learn more, visit www.funjobsdominos.com.    


Domino's, Inc. is an American restaurant chain and international franchise pizza delivery corporation headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Brent Medders is the franchise owner of twelve Domino's locations throughout central Arkansas. For more information on these participating locations, visit www.funjobsdominos.com.

Source: Domino's