Bentonville Juicer Company Gives Back to Community

Bentonville-Based Norwalk Juicers Donated Time and Healthy Juice for Community Lunch

​​​Norwalk, Inc., a dedicated company which produces and sells the highest quality juicers in the market, located in Bentonville, Ark., donated a variety of healthy fruit and vegetable juices for a vegetarian lunch hosted by Rogers Seventh Day Adventist Church on Aug. 22. The soup kitchen served lunch to 50 to 70 people. Norwalk, Inc., is proud to be of service to the community and encourage healthy meals.

Rogers Vegetarian Soup Kitchen is hosted by Rogers Seventh Day Adventist Church every Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Norwalk, Inc., provided a gallon of carrot, apple and ginger juice and a half-gallon of pineapple, kiwi and honeydew melon juice and approximately 2 gallons of watermelon juice and half a gallon of apple juice. About 25 pounds of carrots, 10 pounds of Granny Smith apples, a quarter-pound of ginger, one large watermelon, one pineapple, one honeydew and eight kiwis were used to make the juices provided. Norwalk also provided the man power to accomplish this task.  Five employees volunteered to prep produce, load supplies, make the juice, clean up, and haul everything back to the shop when the juice making was completed.  They enjoyed meeting and visiting with the additional volunteers at the soup kitchen and as everyone was eating their meal and drinking the freshly pressed juice, the Norwalk team took a break to join in the festivities.

Beans, minestrone soup, vegetarian hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, corn and fresh fruits were also served at the lunch.

Norwalk juicers are designed to juice anything juiceable,  from hard root vegetables to melons and beets, parsley and spinach, and more. The multi-faceted machines can also be used to texture foods, mill flours, grind coffee, produce nut butters, chop veggies, shave ice, cream fruits for frozen treats, grind herbs and more.

Norwalk, Inc., provides industry-leading expertise, a commitment to well-crafted products and a longstanding history of excellence in quality. The company has one location in Bentonville where all of the juicers are manufactured and sold, in-house.

Norwalk, a portmanteau of Norman Walker, derived from Dr. Norman Walker. Dr. Walker was known as the primary expert in the field of raw juice therapy and opened the Norwalk Laboratories of Health Research in 1910. Dr. Walker developed the original Norwalk Juicer and the contemporary design evolved from Dr. Walker’s original machine.

Rogers Seventh Day Adventist Church is located at 301 N 33rd St in Rogers, Ark.


Norwalk, Inc. is a company, based in Bentonville, with a rich history producing high-end machines, locally manufactured. The Norwalk Juicer provides users the ability to produce flavorful, healthy food at home. Norwalk offers users a machine to grind, mill, juice, chop, texture and more; all in one. More than just a juicer, Norwalk juicers

Source: Norwalk, Inc.